Towns, castles and wines

Histories and curiosities of a land to discover… and to savor. Between years 300 and 400, due to its distance from the central Imperial power, Marche (which derives its name from “Mark”, the German word for border) witnessed the establishment of self-governed municipalities, held by families in constant conflict with one another. This explains the presence of castles and fortresses in the territory, which enchant visitors today for the history they bear witness to and the incredible artistic and architectural heritage they represent. Discover them in this itinerary and discover Marche’s most authentic heritage: a land that can arouse countless emotions, unique in its pureness and authenticity.

Marche offers more than marvelous architectural gems, though.

A journey here would not be complete without savoring the incredible local wines: bold and pungent, like the ancient inhabitants of this land.

As strong as the Malatesta, Montefeltro and Sforza families, whose strenuous military endeavors shaped the borders and history of Marche territories.

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