The beating heart of the Sibillini

The Sibillini Mountains are a majestic and mysterious chain, crossing two regions: Marche and Umbria.

We will lead you into a complete immersion in nature, among spectacular ridges, gorges carved by rushing streams, and small villages blessed with panoramas that reach the sea.

This land, now declared a National Park, houses the spot of one of the most fascinating legends of the entire Italian peninsula: the legend of the Sibilla, an ancient oracle whose home is reportedly located on the homonym mountain. Illustrious scholars, unscrupulous adventurers, and even renowned literati set off over the centuries in search of this legendary grotto.

You will see the “Lame Rosse”, the Italian Grand Canyon.

After a steep hike, you will reach the Lago di Pilato (Pilatus’ lake). The only natural basin of glacial origin in Marche, located 2,000 meters above sea level, the story of its formation is still shrouded in mystery.

In the small villages along the path, you will see artistic gems unknown to many. In the “Fortunato Duranti” Municipal Art Gallery in Montefortino you will admire pieces by Pietro Perugino and Carlo Maratta, and a moving Madonna col Bambino (Virgin Mary with baby) by Pietro Alemanno, a Renaissance Austria-born painter and sculptor.

You will have the chance to recharge your batteries by savoring the genuine local plates, such as lamb; olibri, wild spinach growing in the meadows; as well as cured meats and the cheeses. Along the journey, you will meet proud farmers who will open their doors and show you the secrets of their craft.

Among lakes, rivers, timeless villages, peaks to climb, sunrises, and sunsets you will become one with nature. Lose yourself to find your vital beat. Isn’t this the meaning of travelling?

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