The following regulation is based on Marche’s Experience-based Tourism Regulation (2021). Our vision of wellbeing is based on an idea of transformation which simultaneously involves the service provider (host) and the customer (traveller).

What does “Wellbeing” mean to us? It is much more than simply a trip to the spa or thermal springs. Our “Wellness” doesn’t only enclose those aspects more closely connected to body care, but also psychological, spiritual and social factors. In this scenario, great importance is played by the contact with nature and nutrition. In choosing the best destinations and experiences for our customers, we adopt a holistic approach, aiming at creating a long-lasting positive effect in their lives; aiming at “regenerating” them.

What makes “Marche Wellbeing” special:

  • Enchanting natural landscape (seaside, countryside, mountains, etc.), the perfect background for walks, excursions, hiking, and many more activities
  • Authentic local culture
  • Excellent wine & gastronomy

This regulation is aimed at thoroughly detailing the basic characteristics of a Wellbeing Travel Package.

Our three travel services:

  • Events: tailor made receptions and parties
  • Experiences: activities that can be carried out by the customer throughout the year
  • Travel packages: multiday sojourns, based on the customer’s specific itinerary requests



Each one of the following 16 quality standards identifies a specific attribute that our travel products must have.

  1. Contact with nature: excursions in the mountains, relaxing walks at the seaside, discovery of vineyards, etc.
  2. Small groups, to guarantee exclusiveness (max. 15 people)
  3. Personalization: each travel product must be customizable, and tailor made to the customer’s needs
  4. Visits to “off-the-beaten-path” locations (farms, historical palaces, castles, etc.)
  5. Possibility of coming into contact with the local community and inclusion of activities to experiment local customs and traditions
  6. Lowest possible environmental impact, including the adoption – where possible – of sustainable techniques
  7. Careful planning, and thorough research of specific scenes and actors. Each experience must be structured with attention to detail, without being “theatrical” and fake
  8. Featuring of an engaging story created around a common thread, which can allow the customer to fully dive into their passion
  9. Unexpected “WOW” factor, to create long-lasting memories
  10. Eclecticism, therefore uniting artistic and gastronomic aspects with other interests (nature, culture, history).
  11. Encouragement of creating authentic relations and motivation to encounter different cultures, broaden the horizons and favour a culture of integration and diversity promotion
  12. Engagement of all 5 senses, immersing the visitor in the local culture and gifting them the opportunity to escape their daily lives
  13. Transformation and inner growth based on the sharing of common values and the learning of new skills to cherish for everyday life
  14. Pleasant and intense memories after the trip
  15. Bond creation with the territory
  16. Regeneration