The village of civil art

Deruta is a splendid town in the green heart of Umbria. It stands on a hill at the foot of a system of reliefs covered by dense Mediterranean scrub, a natural division between the wide and fertile plain of the Tiber and part of the Umbrian Valley.

It is known all over the world for its precious ceramics of ancient origin.

The numerous testimonies, preserved in the most important museums or in private collections, document how ceramics have been produced without solution of continuity, from the Middle Ages to today and how, especially between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, it has become an extraordinary phenomenon of world interest thanks to the industriousness and competence of the local artisans.

Visiting Deruta means immersing yourself in ceramics and discovering a centuries-old tradition that still today, thanks to the local artisans, endures over time and keeps intact the technique handed down from generation to generation.
The union between the expert hands of the turners, the imagination of the painters and the magic of fire has made it possible to create, over the centuries, unmistakable works of  Made in Italy, enhanced by the golden luster, the ingenious invention of the potters of Deruta.

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