We are a dynamic and creative team, sharing a passion and the drive to raise awareness of the most extraordinary and lesser-known aspects of Marche region.

We combine artistic, cultural and management know-how with the purpose of unveiling the beauty and authenticity of our region.

We cherish traditions, always with an eye to the future.

We guarantee

Attention to detail

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.” When an event is well-balanced, every detail reveals the bigger picture, and every element is connected to another in an overall design. This is why details are essential for us.

Exclusive locations

Your events deserve locations that evoke emotions. We offer a wide range of idyllic settings including historic palaces, manor houses, medieval hamlets, and more. We are constantly searching for hidden gems in our region.

Carefully selected providers

Our providers are always selected with the utmost care. Reciprocal trust and the willingness to create unforgettable moments for our customers are the values that unite us. Our partners are the most highly skilled hospitality professionals in our region.


Our strength lies in our creativity and our ability to adapt to the needs of our clients. Always with an attention to detail, we strive to find innovative solutions for our clients and create unrivaled events.

Knowledge of the territory

Marche wellbeing is a brand by Expirit, a strategic consultancy firm with a focus on tourism. We are from Marche and we proudly handle numerous projects for tourism development throughout our entire region, as well as in each town. Being a local company, we have deep knowledge of the territory and the best tourism purveyors.

Maximum flexibility

“We tailor your unique experience” is more than just a slogan. It conveys our commitment and passion for satisfying all of our customers’ expectations, even the most eccentric ones. The word “standardization” is not in our vocabulary.

Giacomo Andreani

Co-Founder and CEO of Expirit, a strategic consultancy firm with a focus on tourism. He creates and undertakes tourism development projects in over 10 Italian destinations. He is the developer of the touristic network “Destination MaMa”, which encompasses all the 55 municipalities in the Macerata province.

Claudia Grandinetti

Event planner and consultant for various Italian towns. Claudia is an expert in tourism planning, as well as large event and festival organization. She also works as a video producer, cooperating with director Gianluca Grandinetti, and as an actress for various theater companies.

Michela Occhioni

A polished sales professional in the field of hospitality, with experience in management positions, specializing in the organization of MICE events and wellness trips. Proactive in providing impeccable top-quality service to customers.

Elena Santilli

She holds a PhD in classical philology, Ancient and Modern Languages and Literature, obtained at the University of Macerata, where she is currently a Literature Professor. She has dedicated herself to the study of linguistics and philology in Europe, the United States and China. She is a researcher at Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano, where she handles filigrees and ancient paper. She cooperates with Expirit as a content creator.

Marco Cocciarini

He is the technical director of a tour operator and works as a freelance business development consultant. He is a trainer and a project manager of tourism-related European funding programs.